Transportation of goods to (from) Georgia

«AZTRANSLINE» company offers international transport of goods to Georgia, as well as the international transport of goods from Georgia in the CIS countries and Europe. Delivery of goods to (from) Georgia - one of the main activities of our transport company, as this country is the immediate neighbor of ours and friendly country for us, one of the main trade partners of our country and other CIS countries, including Russia and that the volume turnover between these countries creates demand and supply in the local market for international transportation. Along with other types of delivery, such as air and rail transport, road transport is widely used in the transportation of various cargoes to Georgia. Trucking to Georgia carried out based on logistics, developed by our specialists. One of the main transit routes to Georgia from Russia and some CIS countries goes through Azerbaijan, so shipment to Georgia therefore very attractive for the transport companies of Azerbaijan, Russia and some former Soviet countries. As delivering goods to Georgia or from Georgia, we use alternative routes. In particular we ship cargo from seaports of Georgia to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Iran. We always strive to ensure that cargo to Georgia were beneficial to our clients, provide them with efficiency, speed of delivery, reliability and safety of the cargo. We can also deliver small consignments of goods, the so-called joint cargo and no need to hire an individual transport. A small trans-shipment can be delivered as quickly, but at a much lower cost.

We provide shipment, according to the accurately researched and tested routes. Our employees are fully informed about the checkpoints, all customs formalities and the nuances of border crossing. We also consider the difference in time zones. Because of this, the delivery of your goods will be made in the shortest possible time, with minimal loss of time at the border. Every city of Georgia is getting closer with our service! Representatives of «AZTRANSLINE» company take away your goods from anywhere in the CIS and Europe, and send it any way you choose to Georgia. Not limited to transportation only, our company provides a full range of logistics services. Our experts will help you to obtain the necessary permits for the delivery of cargoes which are heavy or oversized, give advice on insurance, completing customs declarations and invoices. Our customers can be sure about the delivery of their cargoes to Georgia just within a specified period, or of the conduct and state of the documentation.

We guarantee the safety of your goods and the high quality of all logistics services offered by our company. Delivery of goods will be made at the highest level, because of the most responsible approach to the work of the employees of «AZTRANSLINE» company. Ordering cargo transportation with us, you can go back to other matters and not worry about your order.

«AZTRANSLINE» will be appreciated to deliver your cargo to / from Georgia