Road Transport

Trucking - one of the most popular and convenient ways to deliver cargo on international routes. Trucking best suited to work with the countries of Europe, CIS and the Middle East.
Road transport are more controlled and universal, so using motor vehicles may transport hazardous and oversized cargo, cargo requiring special temperature conditions.

«AZTRANSLINE» organizes transportation of all kinds of goods in road transport:

— LCL cargo;
— Transportation of dangerous goods;
— Transportation of bulky goods, transportation of containers.

Throughout the process of trucking employees «AZTRANSLINE» will monitor the movement of goods, ensuring the security, timeliness and efficiency of operations. Our customers can always receive the full information about the where about of the goods ,on the scheduled dates of the load, dispatch and arrival at the                      destination. Experts of the company itself will make the best routes traffic, help with obtaining the necessary permits in the case of transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, consult regarding required documentation, customs invoices and insurance. We provide a full range of services related to road transport and give our customers opportunity to safely continue their work and not to worry about the fate of outgoing shipments.

Advantages and disadvantages of road transport.

— The ability to deliver cargo from the shipper to the consignee without   transshipment;
— Ensuring high security of cargo;
— The possibility of consolidation of freight and transportation of small consignments of goods .
— Independence from the rail, sea and river ports

— Limited use of long-distance transportation for large loads;
— Dependence on the road network (for transcontinental freight);